Kupper Mounts

Kupper Mounts

Kupper Mounts are small bike racks that use a patented vacuum-powered seal.

This vacuum-powered seal, which is UV-protected, was originally developed for double-paned 1/2″-thick glass skyscraper windows weighing as much as 800 lb.

This technology allows Kupper Mounts to securely hold on cars and convertibles and use them even in apartments.

Küpper Mounts makes heavy-duty roof-mounted bike racks known for their unique construction.

Here are the pros and cons, specifications, features, usage tips, and FAQs for Küpper roof mounts.


  • Extremely solid and secure mounting
  • Lockable to bars
  • Lighter weight than most roof racks
  • It fits a wide range of bike styles
  • Made in USA from aircraft-grade aluminum


  • Requires /crossbars
  • More difficult installation
  • Expensive – typically over $500
  • Roof mounting not as convenient for loading


  • Carries 1 or 2
  • Fits wheelbases up to 48”
  • Holds up to 55 lb bikes
  • Weighs 10-15 lbs

Key Features:

  • Lockable mounting clamps
  • Anodized aircraft aluminum construction
  • Rubberized adjustable saddles
  • Minimal frame contact
  • Molle straps remove bike movement


  • Aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum
  • Anodized for corrosion resistance
  • Stainless steel mounting hardware
  • Made fully in the USA

Usage Tips:

  • Ensure crossbars can support weight
  • Distribute weight evenly between saddles
  • Review the installation procedure thoroughly
  • Check straps/fit before transporting
  • Remove bikes for low-clearance areas

Kupper Mounts are the safest, most minor, most convenient, and easiest-to-install bike carriers worldwide.

Kupper Mounts are vacuum-powered bike carriers that are safe and easy to install.

They are designed for two-wheel mountain, road racing, and motocross bikes. The carriers can accommodate bikes weighing 45 pounds or less.

If you need to carry a heavier bike, you can purchase special adapters for your Kupper Mounts.

They can also be used with mountain bikes with through-axle suspension.

Kupper Mount 1 Bicycle Roof Mount Rack – KP1000
  • Born to roam: the easiest way to travel the world with your bike! This next-generation bike car rack allows you to easily bike anywhere – take your compact bicycle car rack with you as you ride.
  • Any-vehicle bike : the convenient Kupper Mount suction bicycle rack for cars, vans or suvs will fit on any vehicle in any country – no luggage rack or trailer bike rack hitch required.
  • Two-minute install: the suction cup roof bike rack attaches easily into position in just two minutes, and the adaptable bike sucker kit works with dropouts, thru-axle adapters, mountain and road bikes
  • Secure, reliable suction car rack: the vacuum cup bike carrier creates a vacuum between the mount and your vehicle’s surface, for a strong, long-lasting, all-weather hold for any bike up to 45 pounds
  • Portable & adaptable: an ideal bike rack for suvs, cars and vans, create a bike rack trunk mount or bike roof rack to fit your vehicle, then pack the compact carry bag for airline or train travel.

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The Kupper Mount is made of a UV-protected rubber cup. They are easy to install and use and do not require any tools or special skills. The Kupper Kit comes with a carrying case.

The Kupper Mount has several features that make it one of the best bike carriers. Its unique design lets you easily install it in minutes. It also comes with Velcro straps to secure your bike.

These straps are also adjustable; if you want to add or remove some, you can easily adjust them.

One of the best features of this carrier is that it can hold up to four bikes. Optional accessories are available for fat tire bikes and bike and rack locking. These features make Kupper Mounts the safest, easiest-to-install bike carrier available.

A Kupper Mount vehicle rack makes bike maintenance much easier. Kupper Mount vehicle racks are also cheaper than the competition. You can purchase Kupper Mounts at your local bike shop or order online. Most car models are compatible.

Another great feature of Kupper Mounts is that they are very lightweight.

The Kupper Sherpa 2.0, for example, weighs just 32 pounds. Its lightweight design makes it easy to install and has a low lift height.

When fully loaded, the bike carrier tilts away from the vehicle’s rear, making it easy to access while still loaded.

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You can still buy a trunk mount if you don’t have a roof rack. The trunk mount is the easiest and cheapest option.

However, it makes your car longer. This means that you must be careful when backing up or parallel parking.

Another feature of Kupper Mounts is that they can fit in almost any pickup truck. They are designed for a wide truck, and they are also very easy to install. In addition, they don’t interfere with your tailgate or backup camera.

Unlike most bike carriers, they don’t require a truck’s tailgate.

They can be used on the roofs of cars, convertibles, and even in your apartment.

Kupper Mounts are a new type of bicycle rack that can be mounted to the roof of convertibles, cars, and even apartments.

This innovative mount is designed to work with mountains, roads, and any other bike with the front wheel removed.

The mounting system is highly durable and can be used in various conditions, including extreme temperatures.

They are easy to clean and store

Kupper Mounts are small bicycle racks with a patented vacuum-powered seal to keep bikes in place. This technology is similar to that used in skyscraper windows, which weigh up to 800 pounds.

The suction cups are easy to clean, store, install, install, and clean.

Kupper Mounts are easy to install, clean, and inexpensive compared to other bike racks. They’re also very easy to install on hardtop vehicles. They’re lightweight and easy to store and can be easily removed for cleaning. They’re also easy to transport and store and come in a plastic carrying case.

Another benefit of Kupper Mounts is their low-profile design. They’re one of the lowest-profile bike carriers on the market, perfect for traveling. They also won’t take up valuable cargo space.

They mount to any flat, hard surface of your vehicle using a powerful vacuum seal. This technology makes the Kupper Mounts easy to clean and store.

Kupper Mounts Bike Racks can be installed and removed in under 2 minutes. Once done, you can easily remove it and store it in your trunk.

This makes them the perfect solution for busy commuters.

They also feature removable suction cups, which make them even more convenient.


  • Does it work on all vehicles? Fits most factory and aftermarket roof rack bars.
  • Does it attach to my roof or rack? Attaches securely around crossbars, not the roof itself.
  • Do the clamp screws scratch my bars? It should not if properly tightened. Use padding if needed.
  • Can it hold electric bikes? Yes, within the max 55 lb weight rating.
  • How do I lock my bikes to it? The mounts lock to secure the entire rack; no cable needed.

Küpper’s unique aircraft-grade aluminum roof mounts provide an ultra-sturdy way to lock bikes atop your vehicle, albeit with a higher price tag.

The peace of mind in security and construction is unrivaled.

Happy Biking!

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