In-Car Bike Racks

In-Car Bike Racks

The ideal setup for an in-car bike rack depends on your vehicle’s interior space and personal preference.

Depending on the width of your vehicle and the height of your bicycles, you can mount bikes side by side or nest them to save floor space. You can also mount bikes vertically or parallel to the rear of your vehicle.

This option may not be the best choice for every car, but it will save the most space.

In-car are convenient accessories designed to transport bicycles safely and securely on vehicles.

They are specifically designed to fit various types of cars, SUVs, trucks, and vans. In-car come in different styles, such as roof-mounted, trunk-mounted, -mounted, and spare tire-mounted racks.

They provide a practical solution for cyclists who want to transport their bikes without disassembling them or using a separate trailer.

Here are some popular and highly-rated in-car :

  • Thule T2 Pro XT: This hitch-mounted rack is known for its durability, ease of use, and ability to accommodate various bike sizes and styles.
  • Yakima HighRoad: This roof-mounted rack offers a sleek design and secure hold on the bikes, with no frame contact. It is compatible with most crossbars.
  • Saris Bones EX: This trunk-mounted rack features an innovative design that fits many vehicles. It is lightweight, easy to install, and provides good stability.
  • Allen Sports Deluxe Hitch Mounted Bike Rack: This affordable hitch-mounted rack is easy to install and can carry up to four bikes. It has a sturdy build and offers good value for money.
  • Kuat Sherpa 2.0: This hitch-mounted rack is known for its stylish design and user-friendly features. It has a low loading height, tool-free installation, and adjustable cradles for bike stability.

Consider factors such as compatibility with your vehicle, the number of bikes you need to transport, ease of installation and use, and overall durability when choosing the best in-car bike rack.


If you’re looking for an in-car bike rack for your vehicle, the EasyFold bike rack is a great choice.

It’s inexpensive compared to the Yakima Self-Adjusting Towball Clamp and JustClick 3 options. It also requires less setup and adjustment than the previous versions.

The EasyFold XT 3 bike rack is designed for e-bikes with up to 66 pounds. It’s compatible with both 2″ and 1.25″ hitches. The EasyFold XT also includes a hand-tightening wedge mechanism for easy attachment. It also locks to the car using a locking knob at the hitch’s base.

Thule EasyFold XT 2 Hitch Bike Rack – E-Bike Compatible – Fits 2″ and 1, 1/4″ receivers – Tool-Free Installation – Fully Foldable – Easy Trunk Access – Fully Locking – 130lb Load Capacity
  • Premium, high-load capacity bike rack ideal for e-bikes and heavy mountain bikes.Distance between bikes : 9 inch. Max wheelbase : 1300 mm..Max wheelbase : 1300 mm.
  • Integrated folding bike loading ramp
  • Fits 1.25″ and 2″ receivers
  • Fast and effortless tool-free installation
  • Quickly attach and secure bikes with torque limiting knobs and ratcheting wheel straps

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Another feature of the EasyFold XT 2 bike rack is its ability to fit a variety of bikes. The clamping mechanism is adjustable to fit bikes with different frame styles. It is ideal for bikes with sloping top tubes and large frame tubing.

It has AcuTight torque knobs that ensure the right amount of force is applied to the bike. The EasyFold XT 2 also features a tilt mechanism to help with heavy-loading bikes.

While the EasyFold in-car bike rack is an excellent choice, it can be difficult for shorter or heavier riders.

For example, holding the bike up while tightening a knob can be difficult. It is also limited in size. Small crossovers and other vehicles with low roofs cannot use this rack.

Unlike hitch-mounted bike racks, EasyFold in-car bike racks are easy to use and fold into a small package. In addition, many of the higher-end models feature tool-free systems that make them easy to use.

If you are going to stop for groceries, you can use a long cable lock to secure your bikes.


The HangTight in-car bike rack is a versatile system that is easy to use and designed to accommodate various bikes. Its sturdy components include a foot-operated tilt lever, cradles, and a ratcheting system. It can even accommodate bikes that have dropper bars.

If you plan on storing a few bicycles in your vehicle, you might be tempted to buy a cheaper model. The XC2 model from Swagman is priced reasonably at $120 and features a highly adjustable tray system and sturdy ratcheting arms. It also weighs a low 32 pounds, making it a convenient and reliable option.

Vibrelli Electric Bike Hitch Rack – 2 Ebike Rack Fits Fat Tire, Mountain Bike, Standard Bicycles – 65lbs per Bike – Patented Anti-Wobble – Cars & SUV – Tilt Down/Fold Up Platform – Locking Tow Mount
  • Ebike Compatible – holds two bikes each weighing 65 lbs (130 lbs max load). V70 Hitch Rack is for road bikes, mountain bikes, MTB, fat tire bikes up to 5 Inches wide. Compatible with SUVs and cars with 2” tow hitch receiver. NOT FOR: Class B vehicles (RVs, Motorhomes), front of vehicle, vehicle being towed, 5th wheel or trailer, or 1 1/4″ hitch.
  • Convenient Tilt Down & Fold Up – Quick release pedal tilts down the bike hitch rack for easy trunk access, and also folds up out of the way when not in use.
    Flexible Wheel Cradles – Snugly fits narrow/wide bike tires up to 5” wide. Ratchet straps hold wheels securely in place without scratching rims or damaging tires
  • Triple Lock Security – Three locking mechanisms to keep your bikes extra secure. Includes Safety Strap – Feel confident with your precious cargo. NOTE: Step-through / womens bikes must use a frame adaptor (not included).
  • Patented Anti-Wobble Hitch – Locks the rack to the hitch receiver to reduce movement. Enjoy a smooth rattle free journey. IMPORTANT: Not for use on vehicles with less than 12 Inches from the bottom of the hitch receiver to the ground.
  • Ironclad Warranty – Backed by a 10-year manufacturers warranty against manufacturing defects

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The HangTight is compatible with various bike models but cannot be used with bicycles longer than 35 millimeters. Moreover, it is not compatible with aero-style and clip-on handlebars. Additionally, it cannot accommodate bikes with dual-crown forks.

Although the HangTight in-car bike rack is relatively inexpensive, it does require two people to install it. While this system has some downsides, it is a popular option among car owners.

One of the main benefits of using this rack is that it is easy to install and load. It can support two bicycles, up to 65 pounds each. It can also carry heavier electric bikes. But if you’re worried about your bike’s weight, consider upgrading to a more durable model.

YAKIMA – Dr.Tray Hitch Mount Tray Bike Rack, 2 Bike Capacity, 2″
  • CARRY 2 BIKES: Fits road, mountain and fat-tire bikes; Securely carries 26″ to 29″ wheels and tires up to 4.8″ wide; 40 lbs. maximum weight per bike
  • UNRIVALED SPACING: Up to 18″ of space between each bike; Tray spacing can be adjusted (tool-free) while the bikes are loaded, eliminating any bike-to-bike interference
  • EASY TO USE: Raise and lower the rack easily with the RemoteControl tilt lever; Lightweight aluminum design
  • SECURE YOUR GEAR: Tool-free locking SpeedKnob for quick and easy installation to your vehicle; Included SKS cable lock system secures each bike’s wheels and frame
  • ADD 1 MORE: Need to carry a third bike? Add the EZ+1 Extension (sold separately) to carry 3 bikes total

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Dr. Tray

The Dr. Tray in-car bike rack has a RemoteControl tilt lever, making installing and dismounting a breeze. Unlike other in-car bike racks, this device is designed to be lightweight without compromising durability

. It also has a unique tilt lever design that rotates its main arm parallel to the ground. The tray is easy to install with a lever flip, and the rack is easy to adjust in height as you ride.

One of the biggest benefits of Dr. Tray is that it can accommodate bikes with up to 4.8-inch tires. It is also fat-bike compatible.

In addition, it is EZ+1 accessory-compatible so you can fit three bikes on it. In addition,

Dr. Tray is easy to install and doesn’t take up much space in your garage. Furthermore, it is lightweight and requires minimal assembly.

Another advantage of Dr. Tray is that it doesn’t wobble in the hitch. This makes it easy to install and dismount without any tools. In addition, the rack uses a quill wedge to take up slack in the interface. This is unlike most other that slide into the car’s receiver using a threaded pin.

This pin prevents the rack from slipping out of the hitch receiver.

Yakima Dr. Tray is an extremely light bike rack that securely holds bikes, even on rough roads. This rack is also well-built and features integrated locks for added security. And despite its low weight, the rack also provides easy trunk access, making it ideal for people who cycle.

Kupper Mount 1 Bicycle Roof Mount Rack – KP1000
  • Born to roam: the easiest way to travel the world with your bike! This next-generation bike car rack allows you to easily bike anywhere – take your compact bicycle car rack with you as you ride.
  • Any-vehicle bike roof rack: the convenient Kupper Mount suction bicycle rack for cars, vans or suvs will fit on any vehicle in any country – no luggage rack or trailer bike rack hitch required.
  • Two-minute install: the suction cup roof bike rack attaches easily into position in just two minutes, and the adaptable bike sucker kit works with dropouts, thru-axle adapters, mountain and road bikes
  • Secure, reliable suction car rack: the vacuum cup bike carrier creates a vacuum between the mount and your vehicle’s surface, for a strong, long-lasting, all-weather hold for any bike up to 45 pounds
  • Portable & adaptable: an ideal bike rack for suvs, cars and vans, create a bike rack trunk mount or bike roof rack to fit your vehicle, then pack the compact carry bag for airline or train travel.

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Kupper Mounts

The Kupper Mount in-car bike rack is a new product that offers a simple, affordable, and convenient way to transport and store multiple bicycles. It is also one of the smallest bike racks on the market and is compact enough to fit inside a backpack.

The Kupper Mount in-car bike rack is a powerful suction-cup bike carrier that fits on a vehicle’s roof without using a trailer hitch or luggage rack. It can be installed on clean metal and glass surfaces. It weighs just 4 pounds, making it easy to store and transport.

Kupper Mounts’ patented vacuum-powered seal holds the rack in place. Its suction cup is strong enough to hold a bicycle and is UV protected. It can even be installed on a vehicle with no trailer hitch or luggage rack.

Kuat Sherpa 2.0 – 2″ – 2-Bike Rack – Gray Metallic, Gray Metallic/Orange Anodize
  • 2 Bike capacity up to 40 lbs. each
  • No-tool install with hand tight hitch cam system
  • Semi integrated bike lock
  • Rear tire cradle features co-molded strap to protect wheels

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Sherpa 2.0

The Sherpa 2.0 in-car bike carrier is designed with a sturdy, durable design. The Sherpa is made of lightweight aluminum that offers a matte or glossy finish. It has a cable lock that wraps around the bikes and secures them into the frame.

The rack is easy to install and has a low lift height. This means you can easily mount two bikes while ensuring the bikes are secure. The Sherpa 2.0 tilts out of the way when fully loaded and can even be folded up when unused.

The Sherpa 2.0 in-car bike carrier is easy to install. The rack easily slides onto the hitch receiver. It has a locking pin that prevents it from moving while attached to the vehicle. When lowering and raising the rack, you can use your hand or foot to press the lever.

Unlike other racks, the Sherpa 2.0 has a wide range of configurations. It can support up to two bikes that weigh up to 65 pounds each. It is designed to accommodate a variety of bikes, including heavy electric bikes. However, it is more expensive than the top pick.

Installation was easy and took less than 10 minutes. The only tricky part was removing the hitch pin. Fortunately, this only took a minute, using the tools included with the rack.

As I’ve mentioned, this in-car bike rack isn’t the most technologically advanced piece of gear you’ll find, but it does have a few key features that make it one of the most useful in-car bike racks.

The easy-fold system is easy to install and secures the bikes while on the road. The rack also includes integrated cable locks. This feature provides a little peace of mind for cyclists, especially if they leave their bikes unattended while traveling.

Final Words

In-car bike racks provide a convenient and efficient way to transport bicycles without disassembly or a separate trailer. Whether you opt for a roof-mounted, trunk-mounted, hitch-mounted, or spare tire-mounted rack, plenty of options are available to suit your vehicle and biking needs.

Consider compatibility, ease of installation, and overall durability when choosing the best in-car bike rack for you.

Happy cycling!

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