Thule Helium Platform 2 Bike Rack Review

Thule Helium Platform 2 Bike Rack Review

The is an innovative frameless clamps directly to a bike’s tires. This allows for frameless contact and prevents scratches and dents from ruining the bike’s look.

It can carry two bikes and has wheel loops, trays, and tilt functionality via a HitchSwitch.

The is a lightweight hitch rack, its simple yet sturdy design provides a budget-friendly option for transporting bikes.

Here is an overview of the Helium Platform 2, including pros/cons, specs, construction, usage tips, and FAQs.


  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Easy to install and adjust
  • Protective wheel trays prevent bike-to-bike contact
  • Integrated cable lock and tie-down straps for security
  • Reasonable price point


  • Some owners report bike wobble at high speeds
  • Maximum clearance of 2” tires (no fat tire compatibility)
  • Less versatile than hanging-style racks
Thule Helium Platform Hitch Bike Rack, 2 Bike
  • Premium platform hitch bike rack for 1-2 bikes
  • Securely holds bikes in place without frame contact
  • Aluminum construction makes it easy to use, install and remove
  • Quickly and securely attach bikes with ratcheting wheel loops
  • Effortlessly remove bikes with integrated release handle

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2-bike version

The Helium Platform 2 is Thule’s new two- rack that pivots at both ends. This allows the bikes to be secured without contact with the frame or wheel. It is extremely easy to load and unload and can be used on vehicles with either 1.25-inch or 2-inch hitch receivers.

The Helium is 4.3 pounds lighter than the Equip-D Double bike rack. It also costs $30 less. Another competitor is 1Up USA, which offers a lighter version of its Quik Rack Single. This bike rack is two pounds lighter and costs $50 less than the Helium.

The Quik Rack Single is better than the Thule Helium and can handle up to 100 pounds of bicycles. In comparison, Helium’s two-bike load limit is 75 pounds.

The Helium Platform 2 lacks flexibility when it comes to bike wheel sizes. It only supports adult bikes with wheels between 26 and 29 inches. You must find a rack supporting a wider wheelbase to transport a fat bike.

The Helium Platform 2 also requires a bumper with at least 4 inches of clearance.

The Helium Platform 2 is a premium hitch rack with a sleek design and materials. It is also lightweight and fast to load. A strap over the rear wheel lets you transport up to four bikes.

And if you’re traveling with multiple bikes, you can add an add-on for more carrying capacity.


  • Carries two bikes
  • Weighs 21 lbs
  • Hitch sizes: 1.25” and 2”
  • Max bike weight per tray: 35 lbs
  • Max tire width: 2”
  • Lifetime warranty

Thule’s Helium Platform stands out from its competitors. Its lightweight design makes loading and unloading bikes a snap. It also features zero bike-wheel contact.

On the other hand, the T2 Pro XTR uses a strap over the rear wheel to prevent the bike from swaying.

It is also more durable and can carry up to four bikes.

The bike rack attaches to your car’s hitch, allowing you to load and unload your bike easily. The integrated cable lock and ratcheting wheel loops help keep your bikes in place, and the platform tilts for easy access to your trunk.

The Thule Helium Platform 2 is an excellent choice for bike trips.

The Helium Platform is easy to load and install. Its compact shape makes it easy to slide into your hitch receiver. It also comes with a SnugTite stinger that keeps it in place.

The Helium Platform is also easy to install and remove. Its compact size also makes it easy to store.

Thule 910XT Passage 2 Bike Trunk Mount Carrier,Black
  • Soft Rubber cradles protect bike frame while holding it securely
  • Stay-Put anti-sway cages prevent bike to bike and bike to vehicle contact
  • Patented FitDial provides the perfect fit to your vehicle
  • Arms fold down when not in use
  • SoftCushion leg pads protect trunk and hatch; Dimensions: 22 x 17 x 34 inch, Folded dimensions:22 x 17 x 24 inch

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  • Durable aluminum frame and wheel trays
  • Padded wheel straps and adjustable cradles
  • Anti-sway cages prevent bike movement
  • Integrated lock secures rack to vehicle
  • Works with carbon and aluminum bike frames


  • Does it tilt for rear access? No, the platform is fixed.
  • Is assembly required? Minimal tool-free assembly to attach the hitch bar.
  • Can I carry bikes with carbon frames? Yes, if secured properly.
  • What’s the warranty coverage? Lifetime warranty against defects.

Delivering solid performance for the price, the Thule Helium Platform 2 provides an affordable way to transport two bikes using a lightweight hitch rack system. Follow the proper setup and security steps for safe travels.

Usage Tips:

  • Secure the rack tightly to the hitch using an integrated wrench.
  • Balance bike weight evenly across both trays
  • Use wheel straps and cradles to eliminate wobble
  • Engage the hitch lock and cable locks during transport
  • Fold up the rack when not in use for storage.

Happy Biking!

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