Topeak MTX Beam Bike Rack

The Topeak MTX Beam Bike Rack

If you need an easy-to-install and use that adds some touring capacity, the Topeak MTX Beam is a great option.

Not only is it quick and effortless to install, but it is also sturdy enough to support up to 20 pounds of gear.

The Topeak MTX Beam Bike Rack is a versatile and robust solution for cyclists who require an expandable and efficient system to carry loads.

Topeak Mtx Beamrack Ex Fit Mtx And Klickfix/Racktime Snap-It System Trunk Bags Or Rear Baskets
  • CLAMP – Quick release clamp fits 25.4-31.8mm posts (shim included).
  • ADDED FEATURES – Includes rubber bungee, storage tray, safety reflector, Redlite mount, and Tail light mount
  • MAX – 7 kg/15 lb
  • MATERIAL – Aluminum beam/Plastic cargo deck

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Key Features:

  • Constructed with high-quality, durable material for long-term use
  • Features the QuickTrack™ system for seamless attachment of compatible bags or baskets
  • Designed to fit all bike sizes
  • Easy to install with no required tools
  • Integrated Fender provides splash protection.
  • Maximum of 20 lbs
  • Lightweight design for easy transportation


  • Convenient and versatile
  • Easy installation and removal
  • High durability and stability
  • Compatibility with a variety of Topeak bags and accessories


  • The weight limit may be lower than some other racks.
  • Not compatible with all types of bikes

Whether you need a reliable rack for commuting, touring, or occasional use, the Topeak MTX Beam Bike Rack offers an excellent blend of durability, versatility, and convenience.

This rack comes in three styles: E-type (straight beam), V-type (dog-legging down from the seat post), and A-type (dog-legging up from the seat post).

Each style can be ordered with or without screw-on pannier supports for convenience.

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Topeak MTX Beam Bike Rack Specifications:

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Compatibility: MTX QuickTrack™ system
  • : 20 lbs
  • Size: 20.9 x 12.6 x 4.7 inches
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs
  • Installation: Tool-free set-up
  • Extras: Integrated fender for splash protection
  • Mounting: Seatpost-mounted design
  • Bike Fit: Fits most standard bikes
  • Accessories: Compatible with various Topeak bags and baskets
  • Color: Black

Please note specifications may vary slightly depending on the specific model and manufacturer updates. Always check the product packaging or user manual for the most accurate information.

Easy To Use

If you use a mountain bike and need an easy release for heavy commuting, the Topeak MTX Beam Bike Rack is an ideal solution.

It has been upgraded with an improved mechanism that makes it safer and simpler. plus, it works with all MTX trunk bags.

The Topeak MTX Beam Bike Rack boasts a 20lb capacity, making it ideal for carrying heavier items. It includes rubber bungees and safety reflectors to keep everything securely attached.

The Topeak MTX Beam Rack comes in various models to meet your needs. Crafted from aluminum, it includes 2 straps 62″ long and two bungees 80″.

To attach these, loop one strap around a seat stay or something similar and pull tight at the other end. If your bungees are too long, press on either far left or right side to stretch them out.

The versatility of the Topeak MTX Beam Bike Rack

The Topeak MTX Beam Bike Rack shines in its versatility, offering several features that make it adaptable to various needs:

  • Compatibility with Multiple Accessories: The rack’s QuickTrack™ system allows for easy attachment of compatible Topeak bags and baskets, making it adaptable for different cargo needs. Whether you’re carrying groceries or gear for a long ride, there’s likely a Topeak accessory that fits the bill.
  • Fits Various Bikes: Designed to fit most standard bikes, this rack is ideal for various cyclists. Whether you have a road bike, mountain bike, or hybrid, the Topeak MTX Beam Bike Rack can likely accommodate your ride.
  • Easy Installation and Removal: The tool-free installation process makes it easy to attach and remove the rack as needed. This is particularly useful for cyclists who only need a rack periodically – keeping it on your bike when it’s not in use is unnecessary.
  • Lightweight Design: Despite its robust construction, this rack is lightweight, so it doesn’t add significant weight to your ride. It’s easy to carry, making it ideal for trips where you might need to remove and carry the rack.

Overall, the Topeak MTX Beam Bike Rack is a versatile solution that can adapt to the evolving needs of cyclists.

Happy Cycling!

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