The Saris Bones 2 Bike Rack

The Saris Bones 2 Bike Rack Review

The Saris Bones 2- is an upright for your car that allows you to mount up to two bikes at once.

This is designed for your car’s tailgate and fits most cars with a spoiler on the tailgate. It is mounted on the tailgate and has three mounting points for your bicycles.

The Saris Bones 2- rack can be adjusted by adjusting the upper and lower legs. It has three sets of straps that originate from the center cylinder of the rack and hook to the gaps in the side panels and upper and lower leg panels.

Vinyl hooks protect the straps and prevent damage to the .

The Saris Bones 2-Bike rack is an excellent choice for those with limited budgets looking for something that will keep bikes secure. The Saris Bones bike rack is inexpensive and easy to install.

It’s a great choice for families with smaller bikes or commuters on a budget.

The Saris Bones 2-Bike Rack weight-carrying rack evokes the style of ancient Romans and features three arched leg mounts and two arched arms. It also has six adjustable straps, soft-coated hooks, and ratcheting anti-sway straps.

It is designed to fit most vehicles and is made of 100% recycled materials.

Essential Info


  • Lightweight design at just 11 lbs
  • Rubber-lined arms protect bike frames
  • Fits most vehicles with included adapters
  • Easy assembly without tools required
  • Lifetime warranty against defects


  • Straps can be tricky to properly tighten and align
  • Large bikes or odd frames can be difficult to fit
  • Rear hatch access is blocked when loaded
  • Trunk contact can damage paint over time


  • Carries 1 or 2 bikes
  • Fits most sedan-style trunks
  • Holds most tire widths up to 3”
  • Arms adjust to fit frames up to 59”
  • Assembled dimensions: 49” x 18” x 12”

Key Features:

  • Adjustable molded arms with rubber pads
  • Fold-out bottom trays for bike stability
  • Integrated ratcheting straps with padded buckles
  • Stackable design to carry a second bike
  • Fits inside included storage bag


  • Plastic resin frame, arms and bottom trays
  • Foam padding to prevent bike and car damage
  • 3-point strap system across trunk for security

Usage Tips:

  • Confirm the rack spacing fits your specific bike sizes.
  • Angle bikes away from each other when stacking
  • Alternate arm positions to avoid bike-to-bike contact
  • Check straps frequently and re-tighten as needed
  • Ensure arms do not come into contact with rear tail lights
Saris Bones 805 2 Bike Trunk Mount Rack
  • Injection -molded arms and legs are the strongest on the market
  • Built with 100% recyclable, non-rusting materials
  • Ratcheting hold downs are easy to adjust
  • Injection -molded arms and legs are the strongest on the market
  • Built with 100% recyclable, non-rusting materials

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Weight capacity

The Saris Bones 2 bike rack has the following weight capacities:

  • Maximum weight per bike: 35 lbs
  • Maximum total weight: 70 lbs (2 bikes)

The rack is designed to carry standard bicycles. Each arm/tray can support up to 35 lbs safely. This allows it to accommodate most average-weight bikes without issue.

However, the total weight capacity for the entire rack is 70 lbs when fully loaded with 2 bikes. Exceeding this overall weight limit risks damaging the rack or compromising security.

Heavier e-bikes, cargo bikes, or tandem bikes over 35 lbs per bike could potentially exceed the per-bike or total limits.

Owners should consult Saris to determine if the Bones 2 has enough weight capacity for their specific bike setup.

It’s also important to evenly distribute weight between the two trays as much as possible when carrying two lighter bikes. Uneven heavy loading on one side could risk the rack tilting or bike frames contacting each other.

Properly securing the rack straps and verifying bike weights are within the rated limits will ensure safe usage of the Saris Bones 2.

Check the user manual or contact Saris for guidance if unsure about particular bike weights.

The Saris Bones 2-Bike’s weight capacity is perfect for road and mountain bikes. It also has a low loading height, meaning you won’t have to take the front wheel off the bike.

Besides, the rack’s rubber-coated ladder straps secure the frame.

A separate strap is also placed around the seat tube to protect the frame. However, the Bones 2 is not recommended for larger bicycles since it will not fit into the trunk or the rear compartment.

Bike Rack Design

The Saris Bones 2-Bike Rack design has a folding, curvy design that’s more stylish than its competitors. It also clears most spoilers.

One of its highlights is the massive rubber hooves, which shouldn’t leave a trace on your bike’s paintwork. Additionally, the Bones’ plastic arms won’t damage the paint.

This bike rack is the best for carrying road or mountain bikes.

The design is simple and functional, but its durability is questionable. It’s also not secure, so it’s likely to get damaged if you’re in an accident.

You might want to look for a different model if you need more security features.

Saris Superclamp Ex 2 Bike Hitch Car Rack , Black
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Lightweight, yet mighty! Weighs only 35 lb, and is rugged enough to carry 2 bikes, up to 60 lb each
  • FIT FOR ALL: Whether you’re hauling eBikes, beefy mountain bikes, your prized TT rig, or an assortment of bicycles, the SuperClamp’s dual shepherd’s hooks promise all bikes a truly secure ride without touching the bike’s frame.
  • TILTING FEATURE: Allows hatch access, even when fully loaded, and folds up when not in use
  • FAST: Fastest loading bike rack around thanks to the dual wheel-clamping hooks
  • SLEEK AND COMPACT: Fits longer bikes, up to 50″ wheelbases, on a single bar. Adjustable arms and wheel trays fit almost any type of bicycle

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The Saris Bones 2-Bike Rack design is compatible with most vehicles. The Bones can accommodate two adult bikes and a 20-inch kids’ bike. In contrast, the Bones’ EX-3 model can hang a 16-inch children’s bike and an XL mountain bike.

The Saris Bones’ arced arms are a plus because they make maintaining proper bike spacing easier.

The Bones 2-Bike Rack is not compatible with all full-suspension bike designs. It requires at least a foot of straight top tube and two inches of unobstructed space under the top tube.

In addition, the straps that secure the rack to the bike frame are prone to tangles, and the rack’s outer mount will scratch the bumper if the forks are too sharp.

The Saris Bones 2-Bike design has a low weight limit and is compatible with most vehicles. It can accommodate two bikes with a weight limit of 70 pounds. The Saris Bones 2-Bike rack’s weight limit is based on your vehicle’s requirements.

It is compatible with most vehicles and is made from 100% recyclable materials.


While the Saris Bones 2-Bike Rack has a few disadvantages, it is still better than its competitors in terms of style. Its curvy folding design makes it more aesthetically appealing than its competitors.

In addition, its giant rubber hooves don’t leave a visible mark on the paint. Unlike other two-wheeler racks, the arms of the Saris Bones fold down and can be stored compactly.

While this rack is a good option for the average commuter, there are a few disadvantages. It is not as versatile as the Saris Bones EX. You’ll be unable to transport more than three bikes.

Depending on the size of your bikes, you might need to get the Bones EX if you want to take more than three bikes with you.


Here are some tips for securely mounting and locking bikes using the Saris Bones 2 bike rack:

Proper Rack Mounting

  • Align the rack properly centered on the trunk with at least 4 inches of clearance on all sides. This provides maximum stability.
  • Tighten the straps sufficiently to compress the foam pads. But not so tight as to risk paint damage from too much pressure.
  • Double-check straps for tightness before driving and periodically on longer trips. Re-tighten as needed.
  • Engage the bottom support legs for added security, especially when carrying heavier bikes.

Securing Bikes to the Rack

  • Use the molded rubber arms and bottom trays to cradle and stabilize each bike laterally and vertically.
  • Position the arms and trays so contact points avoid brakes, gears, and other components. Cover contact points with towels if needed.
  • For two bikes, angle them away from each other to minimize bike-to-bike contact.
  • Place bikes in their lowest gear and secure the front wheel rotation with a Velcro strap.

Locking Bikes

  • Thread a cable lock through bike frames and around the rack’s upper support.
  • A U-lock can also be positioned through the rear triangle and secured to a rack arm/leg.
  • Lock bikes anytime the rack will be unattended.
  • Bring bikes indoors anytime the vehicle itself will be left unattended.

Routinely checking straps, cradling bikes properly, and locking the rack and bikes will help minimize the risk of bikes coming loose or being stolen when transported on a Saris Bones 2.

Follow all safety precautions in the user guide.


  • Does it work on SUVs or vans? Usually not, only sedans.
  • Do the straps scratch the paint? They shouldn’t if properly padded and aligned.
  • How do I lock the bikes to the rack? Use a separate cable lock around the frames.
  • Can I add more than 2 bikes? No, the Bones 2 only holds 1 or 2 bikes maximum.

The Saris Bones 2 provides an inexpensive and user-friendly option for transporting bikes on most sedan-style cars. With smart design touches for bike security and vehicle protection, it bundles convenience with durability.

The Saris Bones 2-Bike trunk bike rack has been the company’s top-selling bike rack for many years. It features distinctive arc-based rack arms that fit over most spoilers. It also has ratcheting anti-sway straps and injection-molded rack arms.

This rack comes with a lifetime warranty. It’s one of the most affordable bike racks on the market. It’s easy to install and is compatible with most two-wheelers.

However, if you have a particularly large bike, it’s better to consider an option with larger tires.

Another advantage of the Saris Bones is that it’s foldable. Most strap-on racks fold down to save space. However, the Saris Bones is unique in that it has five adjustable arms that pivot around the center barrel.

These arms have dial-down clamps and can be adjusted independently.

The Bones 2-Bike is easy to install and comes with printed instructions.

Happy Biking!

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