Rooftop Cargo Carrier Reviews

Rooftop Cargo Carrier Reviews

If you want to know more about a roof-top cargo carrier, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are some notable benefits of a :

  • Increased Storage Space: The most significant benefit of a is that it adds extra storage space to your vehicle. This can be especially useful for long trips or family vacations where you must bring a lot of luggage or equipment.
  • Improved Comfort: With less clutter inside your vehicle, you and your passengers can have more space to sit comfortably during the journey.
  • Safety: By storing items on the roof, you can maintain clear sightlines from all windows, enhancing driving safety.
  • Versatility: Many cargo carriers are versatile and can hold various items, from suitcases to bikes, skis, and more.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Contrary to what some might think, a properly loaded rooftop cargo carrier can improve gas mileage by reducing the amount of air that hits the vehicle’s front surface area, reducing wind resistance.

Remember, it’s essential to ensure the carrier is securely fastened and the load properly distributed to avoid any potential issues while driving.

These can be attached to your vehicle using the included mounting hardware.

Things To Consider

  • Vehicle Compatibility: Ensure that the carrier is compatible with your vehicle’s make and model. The weight limit of your car’s roof is also a crucial factor to consider.
  • Capacity: Consider what you plan to carry in your rooftop cargo carrier. You may need a larger size if you plan to use it for large items or long trips.
  • Installation: Some carriers require roof racks, while others do not. Determine if your vehicle already has a roof rack, or if you’re willing to install one.
  • Material: Hard shell carriers are typically more durable and waterproof, but soft carriers can be more flexible for fitting awkwardly shaped items.
  • Security: Look for a carrier with locks or the ability to add a lock for securing your items.
  • Aerodynamics: A well-designed carrier can reduce wind resistance, which can help maintain fuel efficiency.
  • Ease of Access: Consider how easy it is to load and unload items from the carrier, especially if you’re short or your vehicle is tall.

Remember, the best rooftop cargo carrier for you depends on your specific needs and vehicle.


How much weight can a rooftop cargo carrier hold? Most can hold between 75 to 250 pounds, but it largely depends on the specific model and your vehicle’s roof capacity. Always check the manufacturer’s recommendations.

2. Does a rooftop cargo carrier affect gas mileage? Yes, a rooftop cargo carrier can affect gas mileage due to increased wind resistance, but if loaded properly, the impact can be minimal.

3. Do I need a roof rack for a cargo carrier? While some cargo carriers require a roof rack for installation, others, particularly soft-sided carriers, can be attached directly to the vehicle’s roof.

4. Can I go through a car wash with a rooftop cargo carrier? It’s usually not recommended. The high-pressure water and brushes can potentially damage the carrier or the attachments. It’s best to remove the carrier before going through a car wash.

5. How do I secure items in my rooftop cargo carrier? Items should be evenly distributed and secured with straps or netting to prevent shifting during transit. Always check the carrier’s manual for specific instructions.

6. Can a sunroof be opened with a rooftop cargo carrier installed? This largely depends on the specific design of your vehicle and cargo carrier.

Sometimes, you may still be able to open the sunroof, but it’s best to check the manual or contact the manufacturer for clarification.

7. What should I do if my rooftop cargo carrier leaks? If your cargo carrier leaks, consider using waterproof luggage or bags. You can also try sealing the carrier with waterproof tape or sealant. If leaks persist, it might be time to consider a replacement.

Thule Interstate Rooftop Cargo Carrier Bag
  • Weather-resistant rooftop cargo bag
  • Provides 16 cu ft of storage space
  • Padded base protects vehicle from abrasion
  • Easy access to gear via coated 3-sided zipper
  • Large storm flaps help keep your gear dry during loading and unloading

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Thule’s Interstate cargo carrier

The Thule rooftop cargo carrier is made with PVC-free, double-coated TPE laminate, making it highly weather-resistant. It also features PVC-free and Phthalate-free construction, making it one of Thule’s most environmentally friendly cargo bags.

This rooftop cargo carrier is made to fit most crossbars on most vehicles. And it comes with a lifetime warranty.

SportRack Vista XL Rear Opening Cargo Box,Black
  • 18 cubic foot (510 L) internal cargo capacity
  • Made from durable UV-resistant ABS material
  • Rear opening for easy access away from traffic
  • Tool-free mounting hardware for easy installation and removal
  • Includes key and lock to secure contents in the box, and the box to your rack

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Whether you’re looking for a versatile roof rack accessory or need to add storage space, the Thule 869 Interstate Rooftop Cargo Carrier is the best choice. It offers 16 cubic feet of storage space and is IP-X3 tested for weather resistance.

The cargo carrier is attached to your Thule-compatible roof rack via twin compression straps and features a padded base to keep your belongings secure.

Another benefit of the Thule Interstate Roof Cargo Bag is its spaciousness. It can fit up to 16 cubic feet of cargo. Its design is also expandable, making it ideal for carrying larger cargo items. This feature makes storing in a car trunk or at home easy.

Moreover, Thule’s Limited Lifetime Warranty provides you with peace of mind. This roof cargo bag is the ideal travel companion for your next road trip.

A Thule 869 Interstate is compatible with most aftermarket racks, including AeroBlade. It also fits Thule Square Bars, AeroBlade Edge, and most factory racks. T

he Thule 869 Interstate rooftop cargo carrier comes with a limited lifetime warranty, and its products are guaranteed to be defect-free.

A Thule Interstate is available at Just For Jeeps. You can also purchase a second-hand one if you are already a Thule customer.

Thule Sidekick Rooftop Cargo Box, Black
  • Compact roofbox, ideal for small loads such as camping gear or golf clubs
  • Sturdy U-bolts with reinforcement plates and adjustable brackets provide a secure fit to rack
  • Compact design leaves room for other roof mounted accessories
  • Passenger side opening for easier loading and unloading
  • External Dimensions: 54 x 25 x 15.5 in

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Yakima Sidekick

The Yakima Sidekick, a compact and convenient rooftop cargo box, is highly appreciated for its practical design and durable build. Here’s an in-depth review:


The Sidekick is compact, making it a great choice for solo travelers or small families. While it may not fit larger items, it effectively handles additional luggage, sports gear, or camping equipment.


Made from high-quality, weather-resistant materials, the Yakima Sidekick can withstand a variety of weather conditions to protect your belongings.


The Sidekick is designed for easy installation. It includes all necessary mounting hardware and fits most roof-rack configurations.


This rooftop cargo box features a locking system for added security. This means you can leave your vehicle unattended without worrying about the safety of your belongings.


The Yakima Sidekick has a sleek design that minimizes wind resistance, helping maintain your vehicle’s fuel efficiency while improving stability during transit.


With its passenger-side opening, the Sidekick allows for easy and convenient access to your items.

In conclusion, the Yakima Sidekick is an excellent option for those needing a compact yet durable rooftop cargo carrier. It offers a good balance of capacity, durability, security, and aerodynamics. Consider your vehicle’s roof capacity before purchasing and installing any rooftop cargo box.

While most come with pre-assembled parts, some require assembly.

Some are easy to assemble and will not take long, while others require more detailed assembly.

The Thule Sidekick requires an hour to complete assembly, including attaching the foam weather stripping and installing the locking assembly.

For added security, a locking mechanism is also included. Yakima recommends purchasing a rooftop cargo carrier with a lock for maximum security.

CargoLoc Deluxe

The CargoLoc Deluxe rooftop cargo carrier is a popular choice among travelers due to its various features and strong performance. Here’s a detailed review:


CargoLoc Deluxe offers considerable storage space, making it an excellent option for long trips, family vacations, or outdoor adventures when carrying extra gear.


This cargo carrier is built from high-quality materials and is designed to withstand different weather conditions. Its robust construction ensures longevity and reliable performance.

Cargoloc 32424 15-Cubic/Feet Deluxe Roof Top Waterproof Cargo Carrier
  • PVC lined interior with welded seams
  • 8 adjustable straps with side release buckles
  • Heavy duty zipper with protective flap

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Installation is straightforward with the CargoLoc Deluxe. It comes with the necessary hardware, and the manual provides clear instructions, which makes the process easier.


The cargo carrier features a lockable design, providing extra security for your belongings. This feature is particularly beneficial when you have to leave your vehicle unattended.


The CargoLoc Deluxe is designed with aerodynamics in mind. Its streamlined shape minimizes wind resistance, helping to maintain fuel efficiency during your travels.


Despite its large capacity, the carrier allows easy access for loading and unloading items.

In conclusion, the CargoLoc Deluxe rooftop cargo carrier is a reliable and effective solution for those needing additional vehicle storage space. Its durability, security, and ease of installation make it a worthwhile investment for frequent travelers. Always remember to consider your vehicle’s roof capacity before purchase and installation.

Final Thoughts

Rooftop cargo carriers are an excellent solution for expanding storage space in your vehicle. Whether planning a family vacation, camping, or transporting sports equipment, these carriers can significantly improve your travel experience.

The CargoLoc Deluxe and Yakima’s Sidekick are both commendable options, each with their own strengths. The CargoLoc Deluxe is notable for its ample storage capacity and security, making it an ideal choice for large families or long trips.

On the other hand, Yakima’s Sidekick stands out for its compact design and easy accessibility, making it perfect for solo travelers or smaller families.

Choosing the right rooftop cargo carrier ultimately depends on your specific needs, the type of vehicle you drive, and the amount of storage you require. Consider factors like durability, installation, security, aerodynamics, and, most importantly, your vehicle’s roof capacity before purchasing.

Finally, correct installation and proper loading are key to ensuring your safety and your belongings’ safety.

Happy travels!

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