Hitch Mount Bike Racks For Cars

Hitch Mount Bike Racks For Cars

A hitch mount bike rack is a type of bike rack that attaches to the hitch of a car.

They are the most popular type of bike rack because they are easy to install and use and offer high security.

Here are some of the best hitch-mount bike racks in the market:

  • Thule T2 Pro XTR: This is a top-of-the-line hitch mount bike rack that is known for its durability and ease of use. It can carry up to 4 bikes and features a tilt-away mechanism that allows you to access your rear hatch without removing the bikes.
  • Kuat Transfer v2 2: This budget-friendly option is still very well-made and reliable. It can carry up to 2 bikes and features a locking hitch pin and cable that keep your bikes secure.
  • Yakima RidgeBack 4: This is a versatile hitch mount bike rack that can carry up to 4 bikes. It is compatible with most types of bikes, including fat bikes and e-bikes. Yakima RidgeBack 4 hitch mount bike rack
  • RockyMounts BackStage: This is a good option for cars with limited rear hatch space. It tilts away from the car to give you access to your hatch and folds up for easy storage.
  • Thule EasyFold 2: This is a high-end hitch-mount bike rack that is known for its ease of use and folding mechanism. It can carry up to 2 bikes and folds up into a compact size for easy storage.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about hitch mount bike racks:

  • What is the difference between a hitch mount bike rack and a roof-mount bike rack?

The main difference between a hitch mount bike rack and a roof mount bike rack is the location where they attach to the car. A hitch mount bike rack attaches to the trailer hitch at the car’s rear, while a roof-mount bike rack attaches to the car’s roof.

Hitch mount bike racks are generally easier to install and use than roof-mount bike racks. They are also less likely to interfere with your visibility when driving. However, roof mount bike racks can carry more bikes than hitch mount bike racks.

  • What is the weight capacity of a hitch mount bike rack?

The weight capacity of a hitch mount bike rack will vary depending on the model. Most hitch mount bike racks can carry up to 4 bikes, but some models can carry more.

  • How do I know if my car has a trailer hitch?

Most cars come with a trailer hitch receiver, but some do not. If you are not sure if your car has a trailer hitch, you can check the owner’s manual or contact your car dealer.

  • How do I install a hitch mount bike rack?

The installation process for a hitch mount bike rack will vary depending on the model. However, most hitch mount bike racks can be installed in a few simple steps.

First, you will need to attach the hitch mount bike rack to the trailer hitch receiver on your car. Once the hitch mount bike rack is attached, you will need to secure the bikes to the rack.

  • Why should I purchase a hitch mount bike rack?

There are many reasons why you should purchase a hitch-mount bike rack.

Here are a few of the benefits:

  • They are easy to install and use.
  • They offer a high level of security.
  • They can carry a large number of bikes.
  • They do not interfere with your visibility when driving.

If you are looking for a safe and convenient way to transport your bikes, then a hitch mount bike rack is a great option.

RockyMounts’ WestSlope 3

The WestSlope is a feature-filled and budget-friendly platform hitch-mount bike rack. It has a sloping frame body to create a tiered mounting arrangement that eliminates handlebar interference.

The sloping frame also keeps the WestSlope’s height lower than most other platform hitch mount bike racks on the market. It’s easy to mount your bikes with the WestSlope.

RockyMounts WestSlope Bike Rack, 2″
  • Carries 3 bikes, up to 40 lbs each
  • Bike Capacity: 3
  • “Compatibility: [hitch] : 2″ only”
  • Tiered mounting eliminates handlebar interference between bikes
  • No contact with frame, secures bicycle by front wheel

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The WestSlope has a generous three-bike capacity and an ergonomic design. The WestSlope is light enough to fit on most vehicles and features ratcheting arms and a tilt function. It’s also sturdy and comes with an easy-to-understand instruction manual.

If you plan on using your bike rack for a large amount of weight, upgrading to a more sturdy model is best. But beware: one downside of the cheaper version is that it doesn’t have a locking hitch. You must be cautious while driving – you could break your rack.

You’ll want to use a hitch-mount bike rack if you have a cargo hatch in your car. You can easily access the rear cargo area without unhooking your bike. It will also allow you to open the rear hatch or tailgate.

Saris’ SuperClamp EX

The Saris’ SuperClamp EX hitches onto a standard car’s hitch and features separate horizontal arms for each bike. This hitch mount bike rack also features a locking Hitch Pin, which securely secures the rack to the vehicle.

The rack also includes integrated cable locks, which can be run through the bike’s frame or rear chain stay for added security.

This upgraded model is more expensive than the base model but offers a range of benefits, including a versatile design, easy assembly, and lightweight. Its price is also reasonable, starting at $250.

The rack features a tray-style design that is easier to use than many other hitch racks and is a good value for a four-bike rack. To install the rack, a vehicle must have a 2-inch hitch receiver.

Saris Superclamp Ex 2 Bike Hitch Car Rack , Black
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Lightweight, yet mighty! Weighs only 35 lb, and is rugged enough to carry 2 bikes, up to 60 lb each
  • FIT FOR ALL: Whether you’re hauling eBikes, beefy mountain bikes, your prized TT rig, or an assortment of bicycles, the SuperClamp’s dual shepherd’s hooks promise all bikes a truly secure ride without touching the bike’s frame.
  • TILTING FEATURE: Allows hatch access, even when fully loaded, and folds up when not in use
  • FAST: Fastest loading bike rack around thanks to the dual wheel-clamping hooks
  • SLEEK AND COMPACT: Fits longer bikes, up to 50″ wheelbases, on a single bar. Adjustable arms and wheel trays fit almost any type of bicycle

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The Saris SuperClamp EX 4 bike hitch mount bike rack is a great choice for a wider range of bikes. With dual wheel clamps, the Saris SuperClamp EX has a wide variety of compatibility. It will securely hold four bikes, with 20 inches to 50 wheelbase.

The rack will even fit bikes with up to four-inch-wide tires.

The Saris SuperClamp EX is available in two and four-bike versions. The 4-bike version is not available with an expansion kit, which makes it a great choice for those with limited space.

It can fit various types of bikes, including road bikes, hybrids, and kids’ bikes with narrow handlebars.

Thule T2 Pro

The Thule T2 Pro hitching mount bike rack is an innovative design that sets the standard for hitch-mounted tray-style bike racks. It features a tool-free mounting system and a tilt-release handle at the end of the rack.

The rack is relatively heavy, but it performs as promised.

The T2 Pro XT hitch mount rack for bikes requires a bit of assembly. The support arm must be attached to the vehicle, and four hex bolts are needed to secure the trays.

Although installing the T2 Pro XT takes some time, the extra time is well worth the peace of mind it offers. Once the rack is mounted, the bikes are safe from bumps and scrapes.

Thule Pro XTR 2 Hitch Bike Rack – E-Bike Compatible, Tool-Free Install, No Frame Contact, Tilts for Trunk Access, Fully Locking, Integrated Wheels, 120lb Capacity
  • Versatile design fits nearly all styles of bikes up to 60 lbs each with zero frame contact
  • Integrated wheels help to maneuver the rack when it’s off the vehicle
  • The HitchSwitch lever allows you to tilt the rack down for rear vehicle access or tilt it up when not in use
  • Fits 20 – 29″ wheels and up to 5″ tires without adapters, making it ideal for carbon frames, mountain, downhill, or fat bikes
  • Integrated cable locks secure bikes to the rack and locking knob locks the rack to the hitch receiver

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Platform-style bike racks have two basic designs: the strap through the rear wheel and the ratcheting arm design. Both are very secure, and they lock over the tires.

These racks are lightweight enough to move in the garage but have sturdy arms that stay in place even on bumpy forest roads.

This hitch-mount bike rack is one of the most popular bike racks on the market. It’s built with award-winning design features and can accommodate various bike sizes. It also comes with integrated wheels to make maneuvering your rack easy.

Yakima OnRamp

The OnRamp hitch mount bike rack comes in a kit with all the necessary tools. Its main body is pre-assembled. The tongue portion is attached by lining up the holes and securing them with the provided 1/2-inch bolt.

While the assembly process is fairly simple, it is important to be careful when aligning and orienting the rack.

Yakima OnRamp 2 Bicycle Capacity 2 Inch EBike Carrier Hitch Mount Bike Rack, Compatible BackSwing and StraightShot, Black
  • Car Bike Rack Storage Space: Supports 2 bikes, each up to 66 pounds, for thrilling journeys; Compatible with the Yakima BackSwing and StraightShot for enhanced functionality
  • Adjustable Bike Frame Design: Can carry E-Bikes, mountain, road, hybrid, women’s specific, BMX bike, and bikes with fenders with ease, ideal beach cruiser bike rack for versatile outdoor use
  • Hitch Carrier Heavy Duty Capacity: Designed with an RV rating of 40 pounds per bike and Rated for off-road excursions as a hitch bike rack, capable of holding bike wheelbases up to 50 inches
  • Bike Mount Security: Features integrated SKS locks for both bikes and the vehicle receiver provide stability; Adjustable hitch tire carrier trays minimize bike-to-bike interference, ensuring a smooth journey
  • Easy Cargo Bike Access: Fits tires up to 29 by 3.25 inches and even wider, up to 27.5 by 4.5 inches with the optional FatStrap Kit; Conveniently tilts forward with loaded bikes

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The OnRamp has a ramp to make loading heavier bikes easier. It will hold up to two bicycles with three to three inches wide tires.

It will not hold an with a tire width wider than two inches.

Nevertheless, it is easy to load and unload two bikes with it.

Another important feature of this rack is that it has a locking system. The rack can be locked using a cable looped through the bicycle’s frame and wheel. Although this locking method is not permanent, it is an effective deterrent for bike theft.

However, it is unlikely to stop a determined bike thief.

The Yakima OnRamp hitch mount bicycle rack has an adjustable angle and is compatible with both one-inch and two-inch receivers.

The OnRamp is designed to be gentler on the bike than its competition.

Unlike many other bike racks, it only touches the wheel and tire. It is also compatible with drop bar bikes.

Helium Platform 2

The Helium Platform 2 hitch mount bike rack is fully lockable and secures your bikes without making them touch each other’s frames.

It’s also easy to use and can fit up to four bikes. Its premium aluminum construction holds your bikes without any frame contact.

Thule Helium Platform XT 2-Bike
  • Securely holds bikes in place without frame contact
  • Quickly attach bikes and easily secure them to the rack using the ratcheting wheel loops
  • Aluminum construction makes it easy to use, install and remove
  • Effortlessly fold down bike arms when rack is not in use
  • Convenient access to the rear of the vehicle using the HitchSwitch lever to tilt the rack down, even with bikes on it

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The Helium Platform 2 hitch mount bike rack is easy to load and install and compact and lightweight. Once loaded, it’s easy to reach your bikes and is compatible with 1.25-inch and 2-inch hitch receivers.

Unlike some bike racks, this rack is not designed to carry more than four bikes.

The Thule Helium Platform 2 hitch mount bike rack has dual ratcheting arms that hold your bikes without causing frame contact. It is also corrosion-resistant and easy to use. It fits tightly in the hitch receiver, so you won’t have to fiddle with it.

The platform design is ideal for bikes with wheels from 26-29 inches. However, it can be too small for fat or children’s bikes. It also may not fit fat bikes with four to five-inch tires.

For this reason, you may want to look into other options before making your purchase.

The Helium Platform 2 hitch mount bike rack is easy to install and uninstall. It’s a fast, simple process that can take up to 10 seconds.

The rack’s locking knob has a locking core that prevents it from being unlocked. It is also compatible with wide tires and has a strap on the rear wheel.

It can hold up to four bikes with the add-on.

Happy Biking!

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