Best Rear Bike Racks

Best Rear Bike Racks

are an incredibly handy addition for many cyclists, allowing you to carry heavier and bulkier items than would be possible with a backpack alone.

They affix securely to the back of your , just above the wheel, and can carry everything from shopping bags to camping gear.

Ibera Bike Rack – Bicycle Touring Carrier Plus+ for Disc Brake Mount, Frame-Mounted for Heavier Top & Side Loads, Height Adjustable for 26″-29″ Frames
  • Frame-mounted for heavier top and side loads with disk mounts
  • Quick-release bag mounting system
  • Adjustable; fits most 26-29 Inch bicycle frames and 700c frames
  • Durable, lightweight aluminum 760g.Plus allows IBERA bags to be mounted with IBERA panniers
  • Compatible with – IB-BA1. IB-BA2. IB-BA3. IB-BA11, IB-BA14, IB-BA15, IB-BA9, IB-BA6, IB-BA12. Check the measurement before purchase.

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Some key features to consider when choosing a rear bike rack include:

  • Weight Capacity: A standard rack should comfortably hold around 20-25 kg, but if you plan on loading up with heavy gear or groceries, you might want to look for something more robust.
  • Ease of Installation: Some racks require no tools at all for installation, while others may require you to do a bit of DIY. Ensure that your rack is compatible with your specific bike model.
  • Material: Most racks are made from aluminum or steel. Aluminum is lighter but less durable than steel.
  • Size and Adjustability: Ensure the rack fits your bike size and type. Some racks have adjustable arms for a better fit.

Here are some of the top-rated best currently on the market:

  1. : This highly durable and versatile rack can hold up to 55 lbs. It is compatible with most bike types and has a handy MTX QuickTrack system for Topeak trunk bags and rear baskets.
  2. Ibera Bike Rack: This rack is lightweight yet sturdy, boasting a loading capacity of 55 lbs. It features an adjustable design and includes a carrying fender top, making it a practical choice for both daily commuters and long-distance cyclists.
  3. Thule Pack ‘n Pedal Tour Rack: Known for its high-quality bike accessories, Thule doesn’t disappoint with this versatile rack. It can be mounted on the front or rear of your bike and is designed to handle heavy loads easily.
  4. Tubus Cargo Evo Rear Rack: The Tubus Cargo Evo is a classic, sturdy steel rack built to last. It’s suitable for 26” and 28” bicycles and supports a whopping 88 lbs.
  5. Blackburn Outpost Rear World Touring Rack: This aluminum rack is lightweight yet durable, offering a maximum load capacity of 70 lbs. Its narrow profile improves balance over wider racks, making it ideal for touring and off-road use.
  6. Planet Bike Eco Rack: A budget-friendly option without skimping on quality or durability. The Planet Bike Eco Rack can carry up to 55 lbs and is designed to attach easily to your bike’s rear wheel.

Remember, the best will depend on your specific needs, including the bike type, the weight you plan to carry, and your budget.

These offer a great balance between durability, weight capacity, and price point.

Remember that safety is paramount – ensure that any load you carry is secure before leaving your journey!

A good rear bike rack is essential for commuting, touring, running errands, or hauling your bike around.

You can attach them to your bike’s back and use the rails to hold panniers, bags, or other items. You can attach items to them with bungees or netting.

Hooking a pannier, pannier, or trunk bag onto your bike is extremely difficult without a rack. Many bikes designed for commuters have racks already installed.

Although bike racks are commonly called “bike racks,” this is misleading as the term can also refer to the bike rack you use to transport your bike around the city.

Some rear bike racks are not compatible with all bikes. Be aware when shopping. If your bike has disc brakes, make sure to choose a model that is specifically made for disc brakes.

Most of the best rear bike racks have stays attached to the braze-on mountings or eyelets at the bottom of your frame. This is not always true.

Look for alternatives that don’t require eyelets if your bike does not have them. Eyelets are essential for most bicycles designed for adventuring and commuting.

Seat post-mounted racks, for example, are an excellent solution for most types of bikes.

Their main problem is that they can’t hold as much weight.

It might be worth looking into panniers or trunk bags the same company makes as your rack. This is a great advantage because the bags can be clipped onto the rack and taken off easily — a huge convenience.

We analyzed hundreds of expert and buyer ratings and reviewed dozens of bikes to find the best bike cargo racks. This guide highlights racks that have proven to be durable, versatile, and easy to install.

A durable cargo rack that fits many bike frames and can carry heavier loads is the Topeak Explorer Roof.

Topeak was founded in 1991 to make multitools and toolboxes useful for cyclists. Topeak has added safety accessories, panniers, and bike pumps to its product line since 1991.

The Topeak Explorer Roof can be used with bags from any manufacturer. However, the best use of the rack is for quick mounting and unmounting of Topeak MTX bags.

The Topeak Explorer Bike Rack is a versatile and sturdy carrier that’s designed to fit virtually any type of bicycle. It’s ideal for cycling trips, daily commutes, or any situation where you must carry additional items on your bike.

Topeak Rear Bike Rack
  • Updated MTX 2.0 Rack offers improved clearance and access to new 2.0 bags and storage when installed
  • 6061 T6 aluminum construction with stainless steel hard-ware, 4-point adjustable extenders
  • QuickTrack compatible for use with any MTX TrunkBag and rear basket
  • Backwards compatible with all original (1.0) MTX accessories
  • Wheel Size : 26″/700c

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Main Features

  • MTX QuickTrack System: This allows for quick and easy mounting of compatible Topeak Trunk bags or rear baskets.
  • Hollow Aluminium Construction: The rack is made from durable yet lightweight 6061 T-6 hollow aluminum, ensuring strength without adding too much weight to your bike.
  • Fits All Sizes: Whether you have a standard-size bike or a larger model, the Topeak Explorer Bike Rack can accommodate you. It’s designed to fit both 26-inch and 700c wheels.
  • Additional Features: Includes a tail light mount for increased visibility and safety during night rides. There’s also an option for attaching side frames, allowing pannier bags to be used.


Installing the Topeak Explorer Bike Rack onto your bike is relatively straightforward. The package comes with all the necessary hardware and fittings.

However, ensure your bicycle frame has the appropriate braze-on mounts to attach the rack.

Please remember that while this rack provides extra carrying capacity, it’s crucial not to overload it as it may affect your ability to control your bicycle safely. Always distribute weight evenly across the rack.

Each piece is made from 6061 hollow aluminum, a strong but lightweight material commonly used for building aircraft.

The rack is only one-and-a-third pounds in weight. Topeak offers a limited warranty of two years on the rack’s quality.

Best Rear Bike Racks – Schwinn

The Schwinn folding rear rack is an affordable, well-made cargo rack that allows you to transport lighter loads from one place to another.

Schwinn is perhaps the most well-known name in cycling. Schwinn, now a sub-brand owned by Pacific Cycles and Dorel Industries, is a manufacturer of bicycles and accessories for over 100 years.

The Schwinn folding rear rack

The Schwinn Folding Rear Rack is a practical choice for cyclists who need a lightweight, versatile bicycle accessory. Here are some key features:

  • Compact and Lightweight: This rack folds up when not in use, making it ideal for cyclists who need a rack occasionally or want to reduce their bike’s profile during storage or transport.
  • Sturdy Construction: Despite its lightweight design, the Schwinn Folding Rear Rack can hold up to 20 lbs of weight. It’s made of durable metal, ensuring it will withstand regular use.
  • Easy Installation: The rack comes with easy-to-follow instructions and all the necessary hardware for installation. It’s designed to fit most bicycles.
  • Versatility: The rack includes a tie-down point that allows you to secure your cargo effectively. Whether you’re carrying groceries, a backpack, or camping gear, this rack can accommodate a variety of items.
  • Affordability: Schwinn is known for making high-quality cycling accessories that are reasonably priced, and this rack is no exception. It offers excellent value for money.

This rack is a good choice for casual cyclists, commuters, and anyone who needs a simple, reliable way to carry items on their bike. Always keep in mind the weight capacity of the rack when loading items.

Planet Bike Eco Bike Rack,Black
  • Rear bike rack that is easy to mount: oversized, 6061 tubular aluminum rod for maximum strength and stability
  • Does not fit all bikes: Please review dimensions of your bike and tire size. Bike must include rear fender or rack mounts to properly fit on bike.
  • Hassle free installation: one size fits most frames with pre-installed rack hardware for quick, hassle-free installation
  • Top weight capacity: carry up to 55 lbs.
  • Ideal size: length 12. 5″, width 5. 5″, top panel 3″ Across, spacing between lower attachments is 5″

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Planet Bike Eco Bike Roof

The Planet Bike Eco Bike Roof can support heavy loads and is backed by a lifetime warranty by a company that is committed to sustainable practices.

Planet Bike is a company that believes in sustainable solutions and provides free parts. If a product breaks, it can be repaired rather than being thrown in a landfill.

The Planet Bike Eco Bike Rack is a sturdy and reliable option for cyclists needing extra cargo space.

Here’s what you need to know about it:

  • Durable Build: Constructed from oversized, 6061 tubular aluminum rod for maximum strength and stability.
  • Weight Capacity: It can carry up to 55 lbs, making it suitable for various loads, such as groceries, bags, and more.
  • Pre-installed Hardware: Comes with pre-installed mounting hardware for quick and easy setup.
  • Adjustable Design: The one-size-fits-all frame design is adjustable for 97% of adult bicycle sizes.
  • Eco-Friendly: As part of Planet Bike’s commitment to sustainability, a portion of the sales goes towards environmental and bicycle advocacy.

The Planet Bike Eco Bike Rack is an excellent choice for everyday cyclists and commuters due to its durability, versatility, and the company’s commitment to sustainability.

The Ibera Bicycle Seatpost Mounted Commuter Carrier can be used with all bikes thanks to its mount.

The Ibera Bicycle Seatpost-mounted Commuter Carrier is a convenient and reliable choice for those who need a lightweight yet robust bike rack. Here are its key features:

  • Quick-Release Design: This feature enables easy installation and removal. You can mount or dismount the rack in seconds without any tools.
  • Adjustable Length: It can adjust for different types of bikes and setups, making it extremely versatile.
  • Durable Material: Made of heat-treated, TIG-welded aluminum, it perfectly balances strength and lightness.
  • Compatibility: It’s designed to fit most round seatposts (27.2-31.8mm).
  • Load Capacity: Despite its lightweight design, it can carry up to 22 lbs.
  • Seatpost Attachment: The rack attaches to your bike’s seatpost, which may free up space on other bike parts.
  • Designed for Ibera Bags: The rack is compatible with Ibera PakRak trunk bags and planet-friendly reusable bags (IB-BA1, IB-BA3), allowing for quick and secure mounting.

The Ibera Bicycle Seatpost-mounted Commuter Carrier is a practical choice for commuters and cyclists who need an easy-to-use, durable, and lightweight bike rack.

Lumintrail Bike Commuter Carrier Rack w/Seatpost Quick Release Rear Mount for Bicycle Cargo
  • Low Angle – Provides lower center of gravity making it ride to with cargo
  • Easy Installation – Fits diameter of 0.85 – 1.3 inch (21 mm – 33mm). Adjustable quick release clamp
  • Durable – Strong yet lightweight Anodized Aluminum with a protective powder-coated finish
  • Capacity – Carries up to 20 lbs. Elastic cord helps to hold your gear
  • Includes – 1x Bicycle Rack, 1x Elastic Cord, 4x Rubber Shims / Spacers

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The Lumintrail Bike Commuter Carrier rack features a quick-release design that allows you to remove and reinstall it easily on your bike.

The Lumintrail Bike Commuter Carrier Rack is designed to make your daily commute or occasional biking trips easier and more efficient.

It’s a robust piece of gear that attaches to the back of your bicycle, providing a stable platform where you can strap down your essentials.

Key Features of the Lumintrail Bike Commuter Carrier Rack:

  1. Strong Construction: Constructed from sturdy aluminum alloy, it can support heavy loads up to 20kg.
  2. Adjustable Design: The rack can fit most bicycle sizes and styles.
  3. Easy Installation: All necessary hardware and tools are available for quick and easy installation.
  4. Versatile Use: Besides commuting, it’s also perfect for long cycling trips as it allows you to carry camping gear, groceries, etc.
  5. Compatibility: Most models come equipped with a universal fitting system that accommodates most bicycles except those without mounting holes or oddly shaped tubing.
  6. Additional Features: Some models include a reflector adapter and spring-loaded arm to secure items on the rack.

Remember always to check compatibility with your specific bike model before purchase.

Uniquely, the Lumintrail Bike Commuter Carrier Rack has a quick-release clamp, making it easy to attach and remove without any tools.

The rack can be attached to seat posts measuring between.85 inches and 1.3 inches. It also has spacers, shams, and screws to ensure a snug fit.

Thanks to the seat tube mount, attaching the rack to any size wheel is easy.

It is 1.5 pounds in weight and made from anodized aluminum. The elastic cord can attach items immediately without using a pannier. The quick-release design makes it easy to mount and takedown.

Happy Cycling!

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